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FaZe Clan CS:GO Player rain Regrets For This Roster Changes



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Havard Nygaard, known as “rain” is a 24-year-old Norwegian CS:GO player who had played for teams like Team Kinguin, G2 Esports and more. Since January 2016, he is playing for FaZe Clan. In 2018, FaZe added Karrigan to be an in-game leader for the squad. After Astralis won all the tournaments, they benched Karrigan in December 2018. After 7 Months, rain seems like he regrets this move. During the interview with VPesports, he said that they should have never kicked Karrigan.


“Do you think that this energy from karrigan is something you are missing now?”


“I don’t think that this is necessarily needed. If you’ll look at NiP you’ll see that when they were the best team in the world they were the calmest team in the world. Cause when you are calm, your communication is calm and then your team play will be at it’s best. But when you are screaming, information is constantly repeating and teamplay usually goes down bringing problems in your mid-rounds and stuff.”


“You’ve just mentioned that you are playing the same style you used to play with AdreN. So why did you change AdreN?”


“Well, we needed a caller, that’s it. NiKo simply didn’t want to do it anymore. He wanted to play his own game and this is understandable. He needs his space in the game. The main part from the beginning was to find an in-game leader. That was something we were lacking after cutting Karrigan from the roster.”


“Did you regret that?”


“I regret it right now, we should never have kicked him.”

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