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FaZe Clan PUBG Coach Didz To PUBG Corp: “Let’s Make Online Events”



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Dylan Didiano, known as “Didz,” is a Canadian professional PUBG coach who was working for Team SoloMid in the past. Currently, he has been leading the FaZe Clan since February 2020.

Yesterday, on his official Twitter account, Didz has stated that PUBG should continue the tournaments online because of the coronavirus concern that affects all around the world.

Here is what Didz said:

“@PUBGEsports, let’s get some online events going regionally. Traveling is not going to be a good thing globally for a little while, let’s pivot for now and keep our esport going even if it isn’t the ideal scenario. We want events to compete in.”

General Manager of Blue Esports, Airi replied:

“Hey had the tweet last week that made it seem that they’re already working with some TOs and wanted to know who else they want to work with and I saw a tweet saying there’ll be more news about it next? week. That was late last week so it might have been this week I don’t know”

Didz replied:

“I know.. Just out here patiently waiting.”

You can read the tweets below.

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