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FaZe Clan PUBG Player Fuzzface: “I’m Not Surprised After These Bad Results”



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David Tillberg-Persson, known as “Fuzzface,” is a 26-year-old Swedish PUBG player who has been representing FaZe Clan for over two years. Before that, he was playing for Team Kinguin. In his career, he earned over $300.000 from the tournaments.

A few days ago, after their match at Global Loot League Season 4 EMEA Finals, Fuzzface said that he is not surprised for being in the top 8 after a four-month break.

Here is what Fuzzface wrote:

“Top8, obviously not a good tournament for us but I’m not super surprised after a 4 months break that we’re not performing top, I was very rusty with igl:ing and it showed a lot, team synergy far from there yet but I feel this one was more on me! Ggs Wp @WTSGxoxo”

Team SoloMid player Jempty replied:

“Felt the same in GLL qualifiers 😂 Next tournament we see FaZe on top for sure!”

A fan user named k4tyusha replied:

“Keep your head up! greatness comes from identifying your mistakes and grinding on them! Still one of the best in the game!”

You can check his tweet below.

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