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FaZe Clan PUBG Player Fuzzface Pisses Off To People That Wants Nerf To Nades



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David “Fuzzface” Persson is a PUBG player for FaZe Clan. He is playing for FaZE for almost 2 years. In 2019, the professional scene started complaining about the grenades in PUBG. Most of them think that people shouldn’t have this much nade because it is overpowered. But Fuzzfaze got angry about this and disagree with them.

Fuzzface said:

“Unpopular opinion: I’m so done hearing people complain about nades, sure 8/player is too much but if you consistently get fkd by nades then change a little how you play. Also just remember people proning in dips and hiding in smokes with 0 risk is arguably even worse imo.”

He added:

“What I mean is when players get knocked by nades they go like “ooh nades OP omgomgomg” instead of trying to play around it, its alot of things you can do to avoid it. granadefights are a little bit like prefireing/peeking its about timing and mindgames, if you get destroyed every time without concidering you might done something poorly and just blame it on “nades OP” then I think youre missing the point.”

TSM player BreaK replied:

“Damage and range on them is fine imo, though I’m not sure if the CS like nades would be better where they do up to 90hp max or something. Teams having 32 nades is a bit mental. Should be a hard limit at some point. Things just need to be tested by you guys in scrims.”


“Yeah I agree 32 is way to many but nerfing them to the ground in terms of quantity will make stupid snake/smoke stuff more viable again. People being unkillable because of smokes are equally stupid as redzone imo.”

BreaK said:

“There’s always going to be snake gameplay though. Would you like smokes limited also, so teams focus on when and where they use utility again like in CS? It’s so hard to balance. I personally don’t like how teams have an endless supply of utility.”

Fuzzface replied:

“Thing is sometimes to make a cross safe you need like infinite smokes because of how the map design is, so limiting smokes is something I’d be reluctant about, and if then a high limit. I see your point tho.”

You can read the conversation below.

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