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FaZe Clan Rainbow Six Siege Player cameram4n Reveals Why He Hates LaXinG



Photo Credit: The photo was taken from the social media of the people mentioned in the title. If the photo owner wants us to remove, we will do it immediately.

Brazilian Rainbow Six Siege player Gabriel “cameram4n” Hespanhol playing for FaZe Clan since 2018 and Gabriel “LaXInG” Mirelez is playing for Team Reciprocity. On 20 June, LaXinG asked that why the people hate him and cameram4n joined the conversation.

LaXinG said:

“I don’t know how some people don’t like me. I literally don’t do anything.”

cameram4n replied:

“you kicked me out of Six Invitational… That’s far from nothing”

LaXinG replied:

“Fuck….. I also gunned you on yellow stairs and had to put a stop to your rampage that was enough I sick of it… But you also led me to believe the Snapchat was you in the girl filter when it was your sister.. I’ll never let that go”

cameram4n said:

“good point. I don’t dislike you anymore then”

The conversation ends with laugh form LaXing. Of course, this might has humor inside but we wanted to inform you anyway. You can check the tweets below.

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