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FaZe Clan’s Rain Says They Will Be Get Back On Top In Long Term



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Håvard “rain” Nygaard is a 26-year-old Norwegian CS:GO player who has been playing under FaZe Clan jersey for over five years. In his career, he earned over $700.000 from the tournaments.

Since the beginning of FaZe Clan’s CS:GO team project, they have made lots of roster changes. But Rain is the only player who remained from the original roster. Not only because of his talent, also because of how a consistent player he is.

However, FaZe Clan has been struggling to compete in the highest level of Counter-Strike, especially after parting ways with their in-game leader Finn “karrigan” Andersen in 2019.

Although they added such players as Filip “NEO” Kubski, Dauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev, Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye, and Marcelo “coldzera” David, the international roster couldn’t make it to the top without a proper in-game leader.

In October 2020, the star player of the roster, Nikola “NiKo” Kovač, left the roster after playing years without having a proper in-game leader, and Kjaerbye also parted ways in early 2021 as well as coldzera who left the team earlier this month.

Last month, FaZe Clan dropped to the lowest ranking they have ever been since the foundation, which is 25, and things weren’t looking good for the roster. However, it should be reminded that they are still a new team.

rain has been playing with a 0.97 rating for the past 6 months, which is one of the lowest points of his career.

However, they acquired such a young and experienced player from Team Liquid, Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken, who is a really good teammate that has a positive mentality. Also, veteran player Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson returned to the roster.

Following their loss against Natus Vincere and G2 Esports yesterday at Blast Premier Spring Final, Rain shared his feeling about their performances and believed that they could perform better at high-level once again.

“Its been some rough times for my personal level and for the teams level these past months but I know we have the pieces to make it work in the long term,” he said. “Thank you to all the fans that keep believing and keep sending us positive vibes.”

If we consider that they were the first officials that FaZe Clan played with Olofmeister who was inactive for so long, it was pretty good to take one map against both G2 Esports and Natus Vincere.

Also, they have one of the best in-game leaders around the world, Karrigan, experienced players such as Rain and Olofmeister, and insanely talented Twistzz and Broky.If they managed to keep a positive mentality and build a great structure within the team, they could be easily one of the best teams in the world around there.

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