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felps Leaves ex-Luminosity Gaming



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João “felps” Vasconcellos is a 22-year-old CS:GO player who had played for teams like Tempo Storm, SK Gaming, INTZ eSports and more. In January 2019, he joined MIBR and he was benched in June. On 25 June, he loaned to the Luminosity Gaming. After almost one month, felps announced that he won’t be a part of Luminosity anymore.

felps said:

“Unfortunately we did not get the results we wanted and we did not expect that Luminosity was going to terminate the contracts making the costs and goals very difficult. We been here for three weeks paying for our expenses and unfortunately we cannot stick together. I appreciate this time with Boltz,nekiz,skullz,steel and zakk for believing in me. I’ll stay at mibr bench looking for a new home.”

Click here to read the full announcement from felps.

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