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Female CS:GO Player emy Reveals The Meaning Of Life



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19-year-old American/Korean CS:GO player Emma Choe, known as “Emy,” has been representing Counter Logic Gaming Red since June 2017. In her career, she earned over $33.000 from the tournaments that she attended.

On 4 January 2020, she revealed the meaning of life via her Twitter account.

Emy said:

“Life is about exploring and learning, gotta keep reminding myself how much more there is to see”

Another player Vilga replied:

“Exactly. For example, my ears. Have you ever seen them? They are tiny. Well you wont know until you see them”

Emy replied:

“This is how you know we are in sync, both tweet at each other at the exact same time.. and yes, show me your ears the next time you see me”

Vilga said:

“Hahaha I thought the same”

You can read the tweets below.

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