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Female CS:GO Player juliano Announces Huge Changes For Her Career



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Julia Kiran, known as “juliano,” is a 26-year-old Swedish female CS:GO player who had played for teams like Team Secret, RES Gaming, Besiktas Esports and many more. Since January 2020, she has been playing for WRTP.

A few days ago, on her official Twitter account, juliano announced that she changed his mouse settings and she has been trying to get used to these settings.

Here is what juliano wrote:

“Trying to get used with playing without Ingame and windows mouse accel for the 10th time after using it since 15 years 🤓 curious, if anyone of u are using it ?”

A fan named Nick replied:

“Been using it ever since i started playing, i dont think it hurts me in any way nor do i think my aim will suddenly improve if stop using it”

Another fan named Andrew replied:

“Windows accel and ingame accel what the hell? How do you even play consistently with that O.o”

juliano said:

“Ya idk i’ve been rly good with it actually but i see clear in some specific situations where i dont get the kill because of mouseaccel. it has good sides and bad sides but ya u can be way more consistent without it for sure.. ive just had it so deep in my muscle memory for years”

You can read her tweets below.

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