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Female Valorant Pro Slaze Is Suspended By Riot Games – She Responds



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Riot Games recently announced via the official website that they suspended Sophia “Slaze” Ramirez due to queuing with a cheater.

In the announcement, Riot stated that Slaze queued up with a cheater on September 20, ended up winning eight out of ten games. Even though the cheater was banned in the second game, Slaze and the cheater logged into different accounts and continued playing.

Furthermore, Riot Games mentioned that Slaze received the Red Screen, which is the screen that notification of a cheater detected in their game, and requeued with cheaters on multiple occasions, with at least 4 new accounts employed by cheaters.

According to Riot Games, Slaze’s 77% of the Competitive MMR gained from playing with a cheater during this period, and %60 of her competitive matches are played with an active cheater while due-queuing.

Therefore, Riot announced that Slaze will be suspended from all Riot Games-supported competitive tournaments for three months, due to the violation of rule 7.5 of the Valorant Global Competition Policy.

Following the announcement, Slaze took her official Twitter account and rejected all the claims by Riot Games.

In the post, the female player pointed out that she has never played with a cheater and never saw a person she played with getting banned. Also, she claimed that the guy she played with even didn’t receive a ban from the Riot Games.

Here is the official announcement from Riot Games:

“Sophia ‘Slaze’ Ramirez queued with actively cheating players and continued to do so even after receiving the Red Screen.

This is a violation of Rule 7.5 of the Valorant Global Competition Policy. Slaze is banned from any association or affiliation with a team in a Riot-sanctioned competition for 3 months, beginning from the date of the latest violation to December 20th, 2021.”

Slaze responded to Riot’s announcement:

“I’ve never played with someone that’s cheating, I’ve never seen anyone I’ve played with banned for cheating.

The guy I’ve played with also isn’t banned & asked me to queue yesterday so that just doesn’t make sense. He’s not banned and I’m not banned, so how am I playing with a cheater?”

You can check out the post below.

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