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Flexinja Shows Off His Incredible Aim In Valorant



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Flexinja is a content creator who started to make a name for himself with his ‘aggressive Omen plays’ in Valorant, and he has become a content creator for NRG Esports back in February 2021.

Yesterday, the talented streamer shared a new video on his official Twitter account from his recent stream, and he pulled off insane back-to-back four kills with Vandal, which is nothing but all headshots.

As you can see in the video below, Flexinja was playing on the Bind map as a defender with Omen as usual, and he was trying to retake the B bombsite against four enemies while he had only one teammate alive.

Flexinja was creeping through the side from defenders spawn and decided to peek to the bombsite after throwing Omen’s flash. Afterward, he found the enemy Sova on the right of the tube and took down the Raze who was sitting on the right suddenly.

Nearly after one second, enemy Skye wanted to peek Flex from the left side of the tube, but Flex had a huge reaction time to take her out. Then, Flex flicked towards the right side of the tube to kill the enemy Jett and won the round for his team.

Flexinja shared his reaction to this insane play:


You can check out the post below.

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