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Flippy Retires From The Overwatch



Hugo Perhirin, known as “Flippy” is a French Overwatch player who had played for teams like G2 Esports, Copenhagen Flames, One.PoinT and more. In September 2019, he joined the Nocturnal Essence and after a short period of time, he left the roster.

On 26 December, he announced that he will no longer compete at the high level of Overwatch.

Flippy said:

“Im retiring from competitive Overwatch as a player, I really like the game but I dont see any future for me. Comming from TF2 almost 4 years ago I had super high ambitions for me, not being in the Overwatch league in the first season should had been a trigger for me and had maybe stop at this time but I really wanted to believe. Then the more I was playing Overwatch the more I was loosing that “spark” that initially made me love competitive FPS I think its time for me to start a new chapter in my life, my mental health is going better”

He added:

“and Im feeling more and more motivated to start grinding again like I use to do. I want to thanks the few people that supported me from the beginning to the end of my OW carreer and I hope you guys will still cheer for me in the future.”

Flippy continued:

“I’ll be streaming and playing Apex actively after new year’s eve and who knows maybe I’ll get back to Overwatch one day as a coach idk Have a good holiday and see you soon”

You can read his tweets below.

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