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Fnatic Adds Upset As A New AD Carry Player For The League Of Legends Team



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Elias Lipp, known as “Upset,” is a 20-year-old German League Of Legends player who had played for teams like Origen, Schalke 04 Esports, and many more. Since September, he had been playing for Astralis.

After Fnatic’s long-time AD carry player Rekkles decided to join G2 Esports, Fnatic was looking for a new player to expand their roster and agreed with Upset in the end.

While Fnatic announcing that they made a three-year-long deal with Upset, he said that he is really grateful for the opportunity to play in Fnatic. Also, he stated that he will try to prove himself as he has Hylissang on his side as a support player.

Here is the official announcement from Fnatic:

“Upset has joined the Black and Orange on a three-year deal, pending Riot Games approval 🖤🧡”

Upset wrote:

“Very grateful to have been given the opportunity by Fnatic to prove myself in a team with so many great players and especially Hylissang who I always dreamt of playing with 😍”

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