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Fnatic Announces Rainbow Six Siege Roster Changes



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Even though Fnatic is one of the best teams in the world that has been dominating Oceania for a long time, they had been struggling to perform in the tournaments for a while now as they couldn’t get any victory this year yet.

Following the unexpected results, Fnatic wanted to make roster changes to turn things up, and they decided to bench both Tex “Tex” Thompson and Riley “Stigs” Mills from the roster at the same time.

Tex had been playing for Fnatic since November 2019 whereas Stigs joined the team back in April 2020. After their departures, Fnatic will be looking for one player to fill the roster, but they didn’t make any announcement yet.

“Stigs and Tex have been moved to the inactive roster,” Fnatic announced. “We want to thank them for their time and efforts these last two years, helping secure Fnatic as a staple and memorable presence in the R6 APAC division.”

“In the coming months, we’ll explore new options for our starting lineup and build from our challenging results this year and further towards the results we expect & desire. With ongoing efforts to relocate the team to Japan as well as rebuilds to the starting roster, we’re hoping 2022 will serve as a year of development and success for our R6 roster, and that we will once more secure our path to the R6 Invitational.”

Stigs also shared a statement:

“As per the announcement I have been moved to the Inactive roster and will remain contracted to Fnatic who are allowing me to explore options for the 2022 season.

I am extremely disappointed and was certainly not expected this, however, I will take the change as an opportunity to further develop myself, both from a personal and professional perspective.

My R6 journey thus far has had its highs and lows but this is certainly where my passion lies, and I will continue to pursue that and embrace whatever changes comes next in my career.

I am open to local and international offers. Thank you to everyone for the continuous support throughout my career thus far, I’ll be back.”

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