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Fnatic Announces That Their Legendary Fortnite Player Is Leaving



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Christoffer Jensen, known as “Jarl” has been playing Fortnite for Fnatic since 2017. After 2 years on 1 July, Fnatic announced that Jarl has been leaving the squad.

Fnatic said:

“We say a sad goodbye to our longest-serving Fortnite player, @Fnatic_Jarl. The Dane joined us in the earliest stages of our BR adventure, back when a Depot had yet to become a Divot. We wish Jarl only the best as we now look to a new era of @FNCompetitive. Thank you, Jarl”

Jarl said:

“Its been an incredible experience being a part of @FNATIC. Im leaving on good terms. Know however my journey is far from over. With the future of competitive events there is still much to achieve for me. I will explain my future goals on stream tomorrow 13pm cest.”

His teammate POW3R said:

“I took a day to collect my thoughts. As most of you know, @Fnatic_Jarl is not part of @FNATIC anymore. I don’t know how I feel really, most of my achievement on Fortnite were done together. I’m happy to call you friend and don’t forget: you told me you come to visit me in Rome!”

You can check the tweets below.

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