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Fnatic Benches JW As They Go International For CS:GO Roster



Jesper Wecksell, known as “JW,” is a 26-year-old Swedish CS:GO player who had been representing Fnatic for over four years. In his career, he earned over $900.000 from the tournaments that he attended.

JW is considered as one of the best AWP players of all time. He helped Fnatic to become one of the best organizations in the world by winning lots of trophies in the past, especially with the legendary lineup featuring olofmeister and KRIMZ.

However, Fnatic has been underperforming since the olofmeister left the roster back in 2017. Even though they had a great showing in some of the tournaments, they couldn’t keep up with other teams.

For the last two years, Fnatic has been playing with their lowest performances. After winning ESL Pro League Season 11: Europe in early 2020, they couldn’t get any trophy since then and had lots of disappointing results.

Following the results, the European organization decided to bench their long-time player Jesper “JW” Wecksell and announced the roster changes on their official website. Furthermore, they revealed that Fnatic will try out an international roster for the upcoming years.

“After 6 weeks of deep evaluations and hard work, we have decided to bench Jesper,” head coach of Fnatic, Andreas Samuelsson, said. “We have spent tons of hours deciding which route we are going to take to bring Fnatic back to where we belong, and the final decision is to change to an international lineup.”

Furthermore, JW opened up the door to play in Valorant by saying that he will consider what life brings him in the future in both CS:GO, Valorant, and esports in general. Then, he thanked Fnatic for everything they have done.

JW said about his departure:

“It’s a strange, yet exciting feeling, after 2709 days /or/ 1658 official maps played under the same club to wake up and not knowing what’s next.

I have always tried my best every single day during these past almost 8 years to make Fnatic the absolute best it could ever be, sometimes it was harder and sometimes “easier” but in the end, I’m happy with what I have achieved here.

Now it’s time to take some time to reflect upon things, what I could possibly have done better or different, and bring that with me to whatever is next in life, be it CS, Valorant, or esports in general. Thank you for everything thus far and stay tuned for my next step.”

Later in the announcement, Fnatic also announced that there will be new changes inside the team, which means that another roster changes might happen in near future. Besides adding a player, Fnatic could add a new coach to the team.

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