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Fnatic CS:GO Coach Samuelsson Reveals Why They Are So Good



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Andreas Samuelsson, known as “Samuelsson” is a 28-year-old coach/manager who is working for Fnatic since 2016. On 3 September 2019, he becomes a coach for the team.

On 30 November, during the interview with, he revealed why they are so good right now. He said that everything is stable and this is making the team good.

“While you were the manager, fnatic also had some good results, high placings, but now that you came into the new lineup as a coach, you instantly won Malmo, finished second at StarSeries… Is it different being in the coaching role when good things happen? How has it been for you?”

Samuelsson replied:

“It feels like everything happened so fast, in some ways it is different, in some ways it is the same. I’m basically the same person as I was when I was the manager, trying to be the leader of the team, trying to steer the team in the right direction so we can be that unit, trying to talk to the players as much as I can so everyone feels comfortable, and I’m helping Golden with the in-game stuff as much as I can, that’s the main difference”

“Seeing the changes, the success the team has now, what did you notice that is different than with the last roster that fnatic had?”

Samuelsson said:

“I think that we have the chemistry now, that is something that is really hard to get. For example, against MIBR we were down 9-13 and the communication was the same as when we had the lead in the first map. Everything is stable now and I think that makes us so good. Even if we are down, we believe in ourselves and we give ourselves the chance to come back when we act as a team.”

Also, he shared his opinion about the players and how he impressed by the team. asked:

“How do you rate what happened at ECS so far, making it to the playoffs?”

Samuelsson replied:

“Our goal was to reach the playoffs and now we have been top four in every tournament we’ve been together, all three of them. That was the goal and now all that is left is to go out, have fun and play some good CS. It is going to be a different beast against Liquid, I think they match us pretty well, I think it is going to be a close game but we will win and reach the final.”

He added:

“Overall, I admire how hard the players have been working on themselves. It’s never easy to change and become the best they can be. It really shows how much they want to become the best team in the world again and bring fnatic back to the legendary status it deserves.”

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