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Fnatic CS:GO Player Flusha Explains Why He Didn’t Want To Join FaZe Back In The Days



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Robin Rönnquist, known as “Flusha,” is a 27-year-old Swedish CS:GO player who had played for teams like Fnatic, GODSENT, Cloud9, and more. Since early January, he is staying inactive on Fnatic.

Yesterday, Flusha spoke in a recent interview with and talked about his future, the rumors about his new roster, and why he didn’t join FaZe Clan back in the days even though they want him to join.

In the conversation, Flusha mentioned that he never felt becoming an in-game leader in FaZe that he wanted to, especially with Niko was playing for FaZe. He stated that it would be hard for him to join and demand respect from the roster.

Here is what Flusha said:

“I never felt that I would get to be the in-game leader that I want to be in FaZe, especially with NiKo on the team. I think it would be hard for me to just come in and demand respect.”

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