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Fnatic CS:GO Player flusha: “We Are Still One Of The Best Teams In The World”



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26-year-old legendary Swedish CS:GO player Robin Rönnquist, known as “flusha,” has been playing for Fnatic since 2013. In between this time, he had played for GODSENT and Cloud9 in a short period of time.

A few days ago, during the recent interview with, flusha has stated that they still belong to the top teams and top-tier tournaments in this game. asked:

“Rustiness doesn’t seem to be a problem for you guys as it was for several others, was there a secret to that in preparation or in the way that you approached coming back to action?”

flusha replied:

“No, honestly we haven’t been winning a lot in our practice matches. It feels like a lot of teams are just playing instead of practicing and we’re doing the opposite, actually practicing, and maybe that makes us lose a lot of practice matches. But for us, it didn’t look good before coming here, but we had the confidence and we knew we were among the top teams” asked:

“What do you mean by not looking good, according to results or just from the way you played?”

flusha said:

“I mean both, teams have been running over us and insta-headshotting and stuff like that, and then when you come into a LAN it’s nothing like that… But our teamplay is definitely a lot better here than what we had at home. Maybe the focus was worse at home and we didn’t get a bootcamp before this because of bad weather.”

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