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Fnatic CS:GO Player Golden About The New Astralis Roster: “We Should Keep An Eye On Bubzkji”



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Maikil Kunda Selim, known as “Golden,” is a 26-year-old Swedish CS:GO player who has been playing under Fnatic jersey for almost a year. Previously, he had played for Cloud9 and Fnatic in the past.

Golden spoke in a recent interview with DBLTAP and revealed his opinion about the new Astralis lineup.

In the interview, Golden mentioned that they will definitely be contending for some of the trophies and stated that they will have surprising moments in the game. Also, Golden praised the talent of Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen.

Golden praised the talent of Bubzkji and said that he will be the X-factor of the team. He stated that Bubzkji can do almost every role and pointed out how an aggressive and dangerous player to play against.

Interviewer asked:

“So you faced the newly rostered Astralis yesterday, and unfortunately it didn’t go your way. But were you surprised how Astralis played even with two stand-ins? Do you think they can continue at this level with Bubzkji and es3tag or is this more about the online atmosphere?”

Golden replied:

“Um, yes. I think they will be contending for some titles, but I believe they have some surprising movement like they did some surprising things against us. We didn’t know who was playing where. We had no information to go off of. That played in their hands. Except for Nuke.

You can see on Train, that we adjusted our game from them taking “Pop” or rushing it and we started making counters against that. We switched our game style completely. We came back and I believe we should have won Train, but they won every clutch round, the one-on-one. It was their day and they played pretty well.”

Interviewer asked:

“Do you think teams will be able to figure out Astralis once they understand how they play with the two new players?”

Golden said:

“I believe their style will change. Like if you look at their new player Bubzkji, he’s the X-Factor. He will do stuff that’s very unorthodox. He will be their aggressive player and do stuff for them all the time.

If you can keep an eye on him, it will help. We already kinda knew how he played, but on a new team, it’s a bit different. He can almost do every role. He’s the one you have to get used to.”

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