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Fnatic CS:GO Player Golden Reveals The Hardest Opponent For Them



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Maikil Kunda Selim, known as “Golden” is a 25-year-old Swedish CS:GO player who is a member of Fnatic for over one year. On 4 October, during the interview with, he revealed the toughest opponent.

“Looking ahead into the semi-finals, Astralis have been looking strong since their win in Berlin and they’ve looked just as confident here, how do you think you can break them?”

Golden replied:

“Astralis is probably the toughest opponent there is because they are so prepared for everything. I’m just looking at it as: we’ll just play our game and try to always be a step ahead, but we’re still a new team.”

At the Semifinals, Fnatic stunned the Astralis and continued to the grand final of DreamHack Masters Malmö.

You can read the full interview from here.

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