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Fnatic CS:GO Player JW Reveals The Least Appreciated Job In Esports



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Jesper Wecksell, known as “JW” is a Swedish awp player who has played for 5 years in Fnatic. In 2019, Fnatic couldn’t progress much and fans doubt to them and their director. After these situations came up, JW said that team directorship is the least appreciated job and explains why.

Fortnite Team Director of Fnatic Victor Bengtsson said:

“As someone who works in pro gaming. I can’t imagine the pressure @JoeyYoungbuck and @SamuelssonCSGO live with. They do this 24/7, and losing one single game is equal to inviting the apocalypse. Both of them have been in “world cup” finals. Be upset, but please remember that.”

JW replied:

“It’s probably the least appreciated job in esports, Samuelsson does everything for us and expect nothing but respect in return. In success he gets no recognition but when we fail, people expect him to fix it. People don’t understand how big of a part he is to the team”

CS:GO Team Director of Fnatic Samuelsson replied:

“This means a lot to me in this rough period. Time to reflect, have some vacation and come back stronger than ever”

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