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Fnatic CS:GO Player JW Talks About Their Future In Fnatic



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24-year-old Swedish CS:GO player Jesper Wecksell, known as “JW,” has been representing Fnatic for over five years. Also, he had played for GODSENT for a short period of time. In his career, he earned around $800.000 from the events.

During the recent talk with, JW explained the team’s current status and unveiled if they are will be playing under Fnatic for upcoming years.

Here is what JW said:

“It’s not really something we had in mind, although it’s fair to say we became something like that. It’s hard to know if we are going to stay here for a long time because it’s not really 100% up to us.

But as long as we are feeling happy with the team and the organization, and we keep being competitive players, I see no reason for us to leave. I’ve been here for almost seven years now and I believe there’s some more gas left in the tank.”

JW about the new roles:

“The initial plan was that I would keep playing a rifle role and we would bring in an AWPer and an in-game leader. I had given the AWP up for twist and it had felt kind of good to just be free from it, but it had always kind of been my identity. There were a lot of questions and uncertainty in my head at the time.”

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