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Fnatic CS:GO Player KRIMZ Is Unbanned By Valve – Here Is The Official Statement



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One of the best all-around players in the CS:GO scene, Lars Freddy Johansson, known as “KRIMZ,” is a 26-year-old Swedish CS:GO player who has been playing under Fnatic jersey for over five years.

Two days ago, KRIMZ and his coach Samuelsson announced that KRIMZ got a VAC ban on his official Steam account, and Samuelsson said that they have no reason to believe that KRIMZ cheated, and they have been in touch with Valve to solve this problem.

Today, KRIMZ and Samuelsson shared a new post on their official Twitter account and announced that KRIMZ is officially unbanned.

In the post, Samuelsson revealed the reason why got banned in the first place. Samuelsson stated that KRIMZ got banned for using a 3rd party anti-cheat software, which KRIMZ has installed to play on the Esportal platform.

Here is what KRIMZ wrote:

“I’m free.”

Here is what Samuelsson said:

“Krimz has been cleared from wrongly being VAC banned. Ironically, it was from using a 3rd party anti-cheat.

Esportal is currently in talks with Valve to solve all the wrongly VAC bans on their platform. Krimz will play today vs Dignitas.”

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