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Fnatic League Of Legends Coach YamatoCannon Reveals His Expectations From The Roster Besides Winning



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Jakob Mebdi, known as “YamatoCannon,” is a 25-year-old Swedish League Of Legends coach who has been working for Fnatic since December 2020. Before that, he had worked for teams like Team Vitality, SANDBOX Gaming, and more.

After the spring season of LEC started, YamatoCannon spoke in a recent interview with Monster Energy and revealed his expectations from his team besides just winning the trophies.

In the conversation, YamatoCannon mentioned the importance of being a family and said that creating a relationship that is going to last a lifetime is one of his main expectations from this roster as well as having great memories with it.

Interviewer asked:

“Beyond just winning, beyond just the LEC or Worlds, what do you want to see out of this Fnatic lineup?”

YamatoCannon replied:

“Over time, I want to walk away with you know, titles but I also want to walk away with great memories. I want to walk away knowing I’ve created relationships that are going to last a lifetime. I’ve been in esports now for like 10 years, those are things that are important to me to this day. I stay in touch with players and there’s a lot of beauty in that…

That’s something that I hope all of us will have – that at the end of the journey we walk away with great memories and moments that we all can treasure and friends for a lifetime. If you managed to do that, I think you’ve succeeded.”

Interviewer asked:

“What do you feel the team’s personality is like?”

YamatoCannon responded:

“I think, you know it’s hard to label the team because everyone is so different. I think that’s such a normal occurrence when you have players from every corner of Europe, pretty much. Everyone has very different experiences in terms of what teams they’ve been in and how they grew up.

We’re just a group of very like-minded individuals. I made it clear that what binds us as people… families are bound by blood, we are bound by the common goal. In terms of nurturing and building those relationships, we put the building blocks forward very early on.

Meaning that everyone actually actively puts effort into bonding with each other and I’m very, very happy to see this. We play card games when we have off-time, we play chess, we can laugh, we just joke around. It feels good to spend time together.

As cliche as it might sound, I label all my teams as my family because that’s what it is in the end. You know, we spend so many hours together, this is my family. So I would just label it family.”

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