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Fnatic League Of Legends Player Bwipo Reveals The Differences Between Chinese And European Soloq



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21-year-old Belgian League Of Legends player Gabriël Rau, known as “Bwipo,” has been playing under Fnatic jersey for over two years. Before that, he was playing for Dark Passage and RoX.

Bwipo spoke in a recent interview with Juked and revealed the differences between Chinese and European solo queue matches while talking about the League Of Legends World Championship.

Bwipo stated that Chinese players are confident about their skill level and it is actually impressive for him. While Bwipo was praising the talent of the players, he also said that people are going for the kills all the time, and that’s why there are lots of kill in the games.

Interview asked:

“Speaking of Chinese solo queue, what’s the biggest difference for you between Chinese solo queue and good old EU West solo queue?”

Bwipo replied:

“I would say that Chinese players, let me put it this way…they’re very confident in their skills, and it’s actually very impressive because I’m very similar. If there’s a sequence where they can kill, they’re gonna go for it.

They will commit, no matter what. 1v3? Ah. I can get a kill. Full commit. 1 vs whatever? 1v1? 2v1? It doesn’t matter. Whenever there’s a kill opportunity, people will commit.”

He added:

“And that’s why you have these stories of 60-90 kill games at 25 minutes, right, because every single moment you’re playing the solo queue there is someone challenging you to kill them. And you are challenging them, whether you’re even or ahead, to kill you.

It creates a very enjoyable experience for me especially, because this is something I’ve always tried to drive in my play. If I can kill someone, I will go for it. Which is why I have been someone who has, generally speaking, had a fair share of solo kills in my career. It is a playstyle I very much identify with. “I can kill this guy, I will kill this guy. If I don’t? I’ll worry about it after.”

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