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Fnatic League Of Legends Player Nisqy Compares EU And NA: “European Mid Laners Are Better”



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Yasin Dinçer, known as “Nisqy,” is a 22-year-old Belgian/Turkish League Of Legends player who has been representing Fnatic for around two months. Before that, he had been playing for Cloud9 since November 2018.

After Fnatic got their first victory against Schalke 04 Esports in their third match, Nisqy spoke in an interview with Laure Valée during the broadcast and talked about their performance, his thoughts about the differences between Europe and North America, and more.

In the conversation, Nisqy was asked what is the difference in the midlane between LEC and LCS, and according to Nisqy, you can be punished much more in Europe compared to North America.

Nisqy stated that you can get away with your champion selection in LCS, but European midlaners is know how to punish you with your draft picks. Also, Nisqy praised the talent of LEC midlaners and claimed that they are better compared to the LCS midlaners both mechanically and champion pool-wise.

Interviewer asked:

“Now that you’re back, do you notice any difference in the competition? Especially in the middle lane.”

Nisyq replied:

“In Europe, the mid laners punish you much more than in NA. In NA you could select a specific champion and get away with it.

But in Europe, I don’t take so many risks, like blindly selecting a champion because I know that the European mid laners will know how to punish me, but not in NA.

It’s not as easy to draft and, besides, European mid laners are better, both mechanically and in terms of champion-pool.”

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