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Fnatic Rainbow Six Siege Player Mag Shares His Thoughts About The Current Meta Of The Game: “It Is Changing”



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Etienne “Mag” Rousseau, formerly known as “Magnet,” is a 22-year-old Australian Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing for Fnatic since April 2018. In his career, he earned over $74.000 from the events that he attended.

Mag took to his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed his opinion about the current state of the game while mentioning the meta changes.

In the post, Mag touched upon the fact that Siege is now becoming a utility game rather than the pure gunfights and said that the teams who will adopt these changes and the new meta will succeed in this period. In this way, he showed the way Siege is going right now and explained how to become a better team in the future.

Here is what Mag said:

“My thoughts on Siege current state

It has been no secret especially to pros that Siege is transitioning into a utility game rather than pure gunfights. Teams that adapt and embrace the new meta will rise and succeed. I believe its about making the most out of the given situation.”

Oxygen Esports player b1ologic replied:

“I wanted to same something like this but I feel like I will just get hate for it. Glad to know there is someone else who has the same outlook as me. Can’t complain about things cause it’s obviously not going to change for a while just have work with you got.”

Mag replied:

“I’m glad to hear this. Obviously, the game isn’t perfect and there are so many quality of life changes that can be made but we have to make do with the cards we’ve been given. Guess this is something I’m personally used to due to playing from APAC for the last 5 years.”

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