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Fnatic Rainbow Six Siege Player Magnet Finds A New Feature



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Etienne Rousseau, known as “Magnet” is a 21-year-old Australian Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing Fnatic since April 2018. Before that, he was playing for Mindfreak. In his career, he almost earned $50.000 from the tournaments that he attended.

On 27 December, he finds out that running with the secondary weapon is faster than the primary one.

Magnet said:

“I was interested in the difference between sprinting with your primary, secondary, and switching to secondary. Maybe this will change what you do when running for a defuse? Thoughts ?”

He added:

“There is hardly a difference. However in a competitive setting if you fumble too much switching to your secondary before running to a defuse you might actually be slower”

Magnet comperes the operators:

“2 Speed 20m test: Primary: 4:14 Seconday: 4:09 Switching: 4:12. 1 Speed 20m test: Primary: 4:28 Secondary: 4:22 Switching: 4:25”

Famous streamer MacieJay replied:

“I wonder if the speed difference varies more with 2 or 3 armors or if it’s proportionally the same thing. Good to know the difference is minuscule though”

Magnet said:

“The test results with the other amour types are in the comments. The results are very similar between different armour types (minuscule)”

You can read the tweets below.

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