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Fnatic’s Adam Responds To The Criticisms About His Champion Pool



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Adam “Adam” Maanane is a 19-year-old French League Of Legends player who become the new top laner of Fnatic in May 2021. Before that, he was playing for Karmine Corp in the European Masters.

As Adam moved to the top lane, Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau transitioned to the jungle, and Fnatic performed way better in the LEC Summer 2021 season following these changes compared to Spring 2021 performance.

Even though Adam was one of the top performers on the roster who dominated the top lane with his regular Darius, Renekton, and Olaf picks, he was criticized for having a bad champion pool.

Adam spoke in a recent interview with Korizon Esports’ Ashley Kang and responded to these criticisms about his champion pool and versatility.

In the post, Adam touched upon the fact that he doesn’t have a small champion at all and explained why he picked bruisers and tanks most of the time instead of the picks such as Jayce and Kennen.

While Adam was saying that the team wanted him to pick these champions in order to win and carry the game, he also pointed out that the strategy was working for them and that’s why he continue playing with the same champions.

Furthermore, Adam mentioned that he would love to pick these champions such as Jayce and Kennen especially against the Asian top laners because he would prove what he is actually capable of.

Adam on his champion pool:

“I could see arguments in Twitter that my champion pool was not really good that I should be able to play Jayce, Kennen, and stuff but during the split, I didn’t play them a single time because these were not the champions that my team asked me to play.

I just needed to play the champs that as a team we got used to play and to win, most likely bruiser and tanks because this is something that was working the most for us I guess.

These are the champions that I was able to play but it’s just that as a team we just didn’t choose to play them because my team didn’t have the need to tell me to play that I should be playing like Jayce, Kennen, and stuff.”

He continued:

But of course these champs were already in my champion pool but I didn’t get the opportunity to play them. But during Worlds, it will probably be different because these champions are now really more overpowered than during the split.

I’m really looking forward to play them because I would actually like to pick like Jayce, Kennen, against especially Asian top laners because apparently, they’re all good so
and these are not champions that are really easy to play, especially in lane.

So it would be like a great opportunity for me to play these champions to show what I’m capable of.”

You can check out the full interview below.

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