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Fnatic’s Rainbow Six Siege Player Magnet Thinks Europe Is The Worst Region To Play



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Etienne Rousseau, known as “Magnet” is playing for Fnatic since early 2018. 20 year old player revealed his opinion about the ranked players and system by region. He said that Europe is the worst religion compare to others because of ddoses, cheaters, etc.

Magnet said:

“EU is the worst ranked I’ve ever played. It has the most cheaters and ddossers out of any region I’ve played (NA, EU, APAC). FeelsAPACman is actually good this time because I can actually play 3 games in a row without facing cheaters. WE NEED BIGGER AND MORE BAN WAVES PLEASE.”

Team Exonerate player Cuj0 replied:

“This is why we come NA. Stop complaining about us coming to NA”

Magnet said:

“I’m not sure you read my tweet if this is what you comment…”


“Yes eu is the worst ranked because of the cheaters. We come to NA to have nice people on our team who don’t speak baguette or blyat. most of the times when the enemy’s start losing they complain about ping and stuff. Just leaving this here. You’ve expierenced it yourself. Btw ily”

You can check the tweets below.

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