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Former 100 Thieves CS:GO Coach kassad Explains Why Parted Ways With The Team



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Aleksandar Trifunović, known as “kassad,” is a 33-year-old Serbian CS:GO coach who had worked for teams like Renegades, 100 Thieves, Mousesports, and many more. Right now, he is a free agent.

kassad spoke in a recent interview with hltv and revealed the real reason why he left 100 Thieves after a long time spending with the roster.

In the conversation, kassad stated that they have been dealing with the problems by communicating as a team and clearing the air about the problems. However, kassad thought that this strategy won’t lead them into the top in the long run and wanted to change the way things are working.

However, the organization and players didn’t want these kinds of changes and they part ways because of that. Also, kassad said that there is no bad blood with the players and he never took that decision personally.

Interviewer asked:

“Touching on the departure from 100 Thieves, you mentioned it was about you and the team not agreeing on what direction to take in order to improve. Did you want to make some big changes compared to what you had done in the past (long bootcamps, work on fundamentals), or was it the team that wanted something fresh?”

kassad replied:

“It was a bit of both, in the past when we ran into these problems we would find the solution by communicating, clearing the air if needed, changing a few things in our approach, but this time it was something else. I felt that we might need something different to move up to the next level, the title contender level.

I think the team and the organization felt they could achieve that goal by keeping everything the same and just adding a fresh look, which was fair enough. I never took that personally, it’s how things work in this business.

I’m actually very happy with what we accomplished since October 2018, when we got together as a team and especially happy for Justin who has developed into the superstar player that he deserves to be. Also for Jod, the best teammate who managed to return to the high-level competitive scene where he was before.”

Interviewer asked:

“100 Thieves / Renegades have had a couple of dips in form over the past year or two, but have managed to bounce back to new heights often. How do you work through those slumps as a coach? Is it a matter of playing through enough practices, working on an individual form, getting new ideas?”

kassad said:

“Well it usually starts the same way, by communicating as a team. The next step is finding out what the problem is and where it is coming from: inside the server or outside the server – or sometimes both.

Based on that, we figure out what the best solution is. And then we make a plan and work through it, simple as that. There were no shortcuts or anything like that, it was just communicating, working through the plan. But sometimes small things between us would pile up and it would create friction and frustration because we were spending all this time together and all we needed was to clear the air.”

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