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Former 100 Thieves CS:GO Player Gratisfaction Says He Is Open To Offers In Both Valorant And CS:GO



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Sean Kaiwai, known as “Gratisfaction,” is a 24-year-old Australian CS:GO player who had been representing 100 Thieves brand for over one year. Before that, he was playing for Renegades and Grayhound Gaming.

Recently, 100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot announced that they will be quitting the Counter-Strike scene mainly because of the coronavirus outbreak and said goodbye to the players, and the squad played their last match in the finals of IEM New York 2020 – North America.

After the matchup, Gratisfaction took to his official Twitter account to share his reactions and also, he revealed that he is also interested in to play Valorant. With this statement, Gratisfaction shocked the Counter-Strike community.

Here is the official statement from Gratisfaction:

“Was a fun last game together! Well played Furia Esports. Always hectic against you guys.

Looking for a team by the way! Open to offers both in CS and Valorant.”

You can read the tweets below.


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