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Former Cloud9 PUBG Player Pr0phie Announces His Retirement – He Moves Valorant



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Magno Ramos, known as “Pr0phie,” is a 25-year-old American PUBG player who had played for teams like Ghos Gaming, Cloud9, Genesis, and more. Lastly, he was playing for Susquehanna Soniqs.

Pr0phie has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and announced his retirement from the competitive PUBG scene. He stated that he will focus on streaming from now and try to improve in Riot Games’ Valorant.

Here is what Pr0phie said:

“Where to begin.. well I’d like to start this tweet in properly saying that I’ll be no longer competing in PUBG. I have been in the PUBG scene since the beginning from their first official LAN event and I’m happy to say that I’ve met a lot of different people and made some good memories.

I originally wanted to retire right off the bat after PGC ended because that was a good tournament for me to end on, but hwinn convinced me to stick a little longer and knowing that nerf and kaymind will be leaving as well I understand why it would be harder so I decided to stay and help him rebuild the roster.”

He continued:

“I will be focusing more of my time into streaming and having a clear cut schedule for my stream. As for the game I’m playing, I will most likely be playing Valorant most of the time and grinding the game as hard as I did PUBG a long time ago.

I’ll be looking for a team there when the opportunity arrives but I am not too worried about it because I’m just starting and I’m still focusing on my own gameplay.”

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