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Former CS:GO Player And Analyst SPUNJ Shares His Opinion About Balancing The Vertigo



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Former Australian CS:GO player Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill, playing CS:GO since 2012. Due to this experience, he had led the team all the time while he was playing. And this experience also made him a good analyst since 2016. On 23 May, he shared his opinion about the changes in Vertigo.

SPUNJ said:

“I think adjusting the spawn timings so the CT is able to take a fight down into the position depicted in the screenshot below would help with balancing vertigo. Making the fork room a part of map territory to be fought over would make the A bombsite defence more transitional.”

“Right now the A defence is very static, it is hard to go forward and fight for any map control due to all of the angles and timings. An option to slow down the T from spawn would be having them spawn on the upper deck here. If you fall from this position you lose 21hp.”

He added:

“To run around the railing or having to drop needs to be tested more thoroughly timing wise but it feels towards A at least as it evens things up a bit more. & I have been spit balling some ideas. This is all very rough but of you want to check it out you can get from”

“Little changes such as removing the top tarps from this layer of scaffolding and removing the box in the forklift room are on my agenda for things that require change. The forklift box means if a player sits up there and a CT drops to flank the T should NEVER lose that fight. Have also flirted with the idea of opening up an extra room and adding a staircase in a Tuscan door or cache door. You can check that out more on the map itself.”

“For B we opened up the site a little bit, but the biggest problem is the initial fight is not a fair one. The T has an unpredictable headshot angle while the CT has the full body exposed. Raising the platform to plateau quicker for stairs would mean the T has to show more of themselves to take the fight. This would even up control over towards B early. Also the stairs need to be solid or have less places for the T to be able to hold from. It’s difficult for the CT to push B lobby and a death trap to pick from the window spot with even a flash. As you can see in this image some extra props have been added which removes the ability for the T to player super tight angles below and get the kill on the CT having to gamble an angle when picking for info.”

You can check his tweets and photos of the map that he signs.

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