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Former CS:GO Player And Manager Of GODSENT pronax Reveals How Lucky They Are With The New Lineup



28-year-old former CS:GO player Markus Wallsten, known as “pronax” had played for Fnatic and GODSENT in the past. After that, he decided to be in the organization part. On 14 November, after GODSENT announced the new lineup with the ex-SMASH Esports roster, pronax said that they are so lucky and explained why during the interview with

“It seemingly took quite a bit of time for GODSENT to sign their CS:GO team. Why did it take so long, what was the process of finding and deciding on a team like?”

pronax replied:

“It took a lot of time because we wanted to make sure we signed a team we could work with on a long-term project, and that did not seem possible with the way the Swedish CS:GO scene is today. But I think we won the lottery when the chance to sign the SMASH lineup fell into our laps, as this is a team that has been together for about 10 months, playing without salaries, and they have been able to bring themselves back after every setback they have faced. I think they are perfect to represent GODSENT.”

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