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Former CS:GO Player And Mixer Streamer Shroud Shows His Support To The Black People



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Michael Grzesiek, known as “Shroud,” is a 26-year-old Canadian former CS:GO player who had played for Cloud9 in between 2014-2017. Later on, he became a full-time streamer, and he is currently streaming on Mixer.

Shroud has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and showed his support to the black people who are looking for justice after the devastating death of George Floyd.

Shroud stated that he fully supports the peaceful protest that stands for equality, justice, and compassion. Also, he said that it is not right to judge or threaten people due to the color of the skin and stood against racism.

Here is what Shroud said:

“I fully support the #BlackLivesMatter movement and what it stands for: equality, justice, and compassion. It’s not right that people are being treated differently because of the color of their skin.

As a privileged white person, I will never fully understand, but I do know that racial inequality is wrong. I’m committed to listening, learning, understanding, and supporting the movement. We need to do better for ourselves, each other, and future generations.”

His long-time friend and streamer, Just9n replied:

“Thank you for speaking up on your massive platform my friend.”

Another fan named Dan wrote:

“Thanks for this Mike. I’ve looked up to you for so many years now. Proud of you.”

You can read his tweets below.

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