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Former CS:GO Player m0E Thinks MatchMaking Is Broken



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32 year old former CS:GO player Mohamad “m0E” Assad had played for teams like Torqued, Echo Fox and more. His history with CS:GO started in between 2013-2014. Currently, he is coaching for Old Guys Club, which has players like Shroud, n0thing, seangares. On 23 May after m0E tried out official Valve‘s server, he thinks It never has been broken like this.

m0E said:

“The Valve MM system is the most broken it has ever been. when i was supreme i won 22 games in a row and no rank up to global, i stopped playing 2 months later i mm and im LE, then 5 games later im LEM, then ive gone legitimately 15-2 and still haven’t got supreme….”

You can read his tweet from below.

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