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Former CS:GO Player Pimp Is Impressed By This Team



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Jacob Winneche, known as “Pimp,” is a 24 year 0ld Danish former CS:GO player who had played for teams like Team Dignitas, SK Gaming, Team Liquid and many more. Currently, he is a freelance analyst for the tournaments.

During the GG.Bet ICE Challange, MAD Lions managed to reach the semi-finals and they lost to Mousesports. Even with the loss, Pimp is really impressed by MAD Lion’s playstyle.

Here is what Pimp wrote:

“Watching Mad Lions play Counter Strike is becoming quite fun. People don’t seem to realize how impressive their current display is. Currently with out a doubt the 2nd best 🇩🇰 team. Hopefully also the team who can end that boring conversation & become a top team internationally!”

He added:

“And that’s the sentiment mad lions leave this tournament with. Showing overall progress, and was very competitive throughout! Wp @acoRCS, @hundencsgo, @Bubzkji, @SjuushCSGO, @roeJcsgo & @peacemakercsgo 🥳”

A fan named Petueel asked:

“They are speaking in english or danish? do you have that info?”

Pimp replied:

“Danish ingame communication, while peacemaker doing tactical timeouts in English”

You can read his tweets below.

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