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Former CS:GO Player Pimp Makes A New Update About His Health Status



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24-year-old Danish former CS:GO player Jacob Winneche, known as “Pimp,” had played for teams like Team Liquid, Team Dignitas, SK Gaming, Copenhagen Wolves and many more. For two years, he has been an analyst for the tournaments.

One week ago, Pimp announced that there is a change that he could be cancer and he will be undergoing a program to determine his status. A few days ago, Pimp announced that he is cancer-free and his disease is removed from his system.

Here is what Pimp wrote:

“Got the call this afternoon. I’m cleared and the “ill” birthmark has fully been removed from my system!!! Got away with the scare this time around, but my god has the past 6 days been a little depressing. Thanks for all the kind messages a Kicking off my year with DH Leipzig”

CS:GO Coach Pita replied:

“🙌🙌 Great news!💪”

Player FNS replied:

“Glad you’re all good”

Former player n0thing wrote this:

“Congrats man!”

Legend GeT_RiGhT said:

“Fuck yeah, really happy for you buddy ❤️”

You can read his tweet below.

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