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Former CS:GO Player SPUNJ Makes A Bold Statement About The Future Of The Game



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Chad Burchill, known as “SPUNJ,” is a 30-year-old Australian former CS:GO player who had been playing for Renegades in between 2015-2016. Since then, he has been working for the tournament organizers as an analyst.

SPUNJ has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and revealed his opinion about what should change in the Counter-Strike. He stated that the things like roster rules and match formats should change for the better of everybody in near future.

Here is what SPUNJ said:

“Now’s the time to challenge the conventional wisdom of competitive CSGO. Roster expansions, match format suggestions, how we approach and appraise the landscape as a whole. Valve are more active than ever. Baby steps but we may as well have the conversation.”

A fan named Enigma replied:

“Baby steps towards inverting B site double doors.”

Another fan named Nico replied:

“I think if it comes to overtime, the sides should switch immediately so you don’t start as a CT when you already played 15 rounds as a CT.”

You can read the tweets below.

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