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Former CS:GO Player SPUNJ Reacts To The New Vertigo



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30-year-old former CS:GO player Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill has known for his moments in 2015-2016 with Renegades. After he quits the competitive scene, he becomes a commentator and analyst for the organizations. On 1 Agust, after Valve reworked Vertigo, SPUNJ shares his opinion about the changes.

SPUNJ said:

“Vertigo changes feel good”

SPUNJ continued:

“Let’s elaborate a little bit. Lower parts of the map like B lobby and fork room aren’t just gifted as easily. The T needs to use their noggin a bit when taking these areas. b main requires a flash through the sky lights and if not 2 players have to retake slowly from either entry over towards A the CT now can fight down the ramp. Some cool one ways can be thrown. Aggressive AWP lines can be taken. Means the T cant just launch up without worrying of getting picked. That entire section plays much more translationally.”

SPUNJ added:

“Lots of antiecos are going to be lost there with CTs on pistols waterfalling over. I think the ladder is great too. Puts a lot of focus on mid control as the ladder push can have no sound queue and you aren’t immediately commited to a fight. The skylights in the room allow for some smokes and flashes to be thrown to A very easily. This helps with pushing back the new CT aggro lines. Anyway yeah I like new vertigo a shit load.”

You can check his tweet below.

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