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Former CS:GO Player SPUNJ Reveals What French Scene Should Do If They Want To Create The Best Team



Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill is an Australian former CS:GO player who had played for Renegades. After his retirement, he wanted to become an analyst for the tournaments. On 7 September, SPUNJ revealed the options that make the French CS:GO scene great again. He said that KennyS, Amanek, and ZywOo must be on the same team.

SPUNJ said:

“If the French want to make the best team possible these are essential personal. KennyS primary awp ZywOo secondary but flex, use him how NaVi should use s1mple Amanek is a must. Filling the slots for the last 2 slots will be hard but get a bunch of the performers and test em.”

You can check his tweet below.