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Former CS:GO Player SPUNJ Says He Will Change His Name



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30-year-old Australian former CS:GO player Chad Burchill, known as “SPUNJ,” had played for Renegades and showed his skill in between 2015-2016. After that, he decided to be an analyst for the tournaments.

This week, SPUNJ has revealed that he wants to change his nickname to Bad “The Chad” Burchill.

Here is what SPUNJ said:

“I’m legally thinking of changing my name to Bad “The Chad” Burchill.”

Mousesports player chrisJ replied:

“People laughing in the comments here but thinking will be illegal very soon and BadChad knows it.”

A fan user named JasperJam wrote this:

“So you’re not necessarily going to change it legally, got it”

You can read his tweet below.

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