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Former Dota2 Player and Youtuber Purge Reveals The Best Tournament Organizer



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American former Dota2 player and Youtuber Kevin “Purge” Godec has been a manager to Zeyphr since 2014. And lately, he is working for organizers as an analyst. On 4 June, after ESL One Birmingham 2019, Purge tweeted and said that ESL is the best organizer.

Purge said:

“I had a wonderful time at @ESLDota2 Birmingham! I think ESL is the best Tournament Organizer in DotA right now. I hope you guys enjoyed my segments+work too!”

Caster Eri Neeman agreed with him:

“Completely agree with this. Be great to see ESL get a major. Hopefully scheduling works out. :)”

You can check the tweets below.

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