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Former Evil Geniuses Player Necrox Compares Rainbow Six Siege With Valorant



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Ammar Mohammad Albanna, known as “Necrox,” is a 26-year-old Rainbow Six Siege player who had been playing for Evil Geniuses since 2017. Before that, he was playing for Continuum. In his career, he earned around $90.000 from the tournaments.

Necrox revealed the differences between Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant on Twitter and shared his opinion about Valorant.

He said that Valorant is currently so much better game than Rainbow Six Siege and stated that Valorant is so fun to play even though the ranked system is not great.

Here is what Necrox said:

“Played my placements for Valorant and went 4-1 to place in diamond. I almost forgot what a good game looks like after siege recently lmao. Although the ranked system is scuffed its been really fun, I’ll be going for immortal tomorrow.”

A fan user named Seaz replied:

“4 wins to get diamond lets go!”

Necrox replied:

“lool I hope they change that, its a lot of fun though playing good people right off the RIP.”

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