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Former FaZe Clan CS:GO Player GuardiaN Admits: “We Let Karrigan Down As A Team”



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Ladislav Kovács, known as “GuardiaN,” is a 29-year-old Slovakian CS:GO player who had played for teams like, FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, and more. Right now, he is under contract with Natus Vincere.

GuardiaN spoke in a recent interview with RivalryCS and revealed his opinion about who is the most underrated player he ever played with and talked about what happened during the departure of Karrigan from FaZe.

After FaZe added GuardiaN and Olofmeister to the roster in August 2017 alongside Niko, Karrigan, and Rain, they played pretty well in their first year. However, the second year was questionable by them and this poor performance caused Karrigan to leave the roster.

In the interview, GuardiaN mentioned Karrigan as the most underrated player he ever played and praised his talent. Moreover, he admitted that they treated badly to him when things went wrong instead of giving more chances to him. In this way, they let Karrigan down as a team and this is why he was kicked from the roster.

Interviewer asked:

“Who is the most underrated player you ever played with?”

Here is what GuardiaN said:

“I think the most underrated was Karrigan. I think we didn’t appreciate him in the team as much as we should. Just because we started losing some tournaments. He should have gotten more chances and maybe we should helped him as a team.

We let him down as a team and that’s why he was kicked from the team. And it was a sad time but we can’t take it back. So I think it’s Karrigan and just because we as the other four, or five with a coach, we let him down, and we were not real teammates.”

You can watch the interview below.

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