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Former G2 Esports Rainbow Six Siege Player Fabian Slams Himself For Bizarre Reason



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Fabian “Fabian” Hällsten is a 25-year-old Finnish Rainbow Six Siege player who had been playing for G2 Esports since August 2018. In March 2020, he was benched by the organization.

Fabian took his official Twitter account and slammed himself for an absurd reason today. He admitted that he is a boomer, and he should have asleep in the middle of the night. However, he was awake at 3 am.

Here is what Fabian wrote:

“Why am I awake at 3, I am a boomer, I should be asleep.”

DarkZero Esports member Zach replied:

“I fall asleep a 10 pm sharp every. single. night. It’s one of my favorite parts of boomer life.”

A fan user named Glade said:

“Shut up Lord Fabian you’re perfect.”

You can check out the tweet below.

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