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Former MIBR CS:GO Player Meyern Explains The Reason Why He Left The Team



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Ignacio Naim Meyer, known as “Meyern,” is a 17-year-old Argentine CS:GO player who was playing for MIBR in between December 2019-May 2020. Before that, he was playing for Sharks Esports.

During the recent interview with Globoesporte, Meyern talked about his departure from MIBR and explained why things didn’t work out.

In the conversation, Meyern stated that there are missing so many things beyond the scoreboard that he couldn’t do. But, he doesn’t know if his playstyle didn’t suit the roster or because of the lack of experience.

Here is what Meyern said:

“A team always knows what the weakest link is, but I honestly don’t think I was the weakest link. It was just a matter of pieces. I do not think I was the missing piece in MIBR.

I tried, I thought at the beginning that I was the missing piece. But with time, we started having some results that weren’t the best and there are always many things beyond results, beyond what you see on the scoreboard, that have a big role inside a team.”

He continued:

“There were many things that I just couldn’t have, I don’t know if it was because of lack of experience or because of the way I am, because everyone is different. I have my way and perhaps it wasn’t the best for MIBR.

I think I had time to show my level. Perhaps it wasn’t as much time as a player in my situation would have liked, but it was a lot of time. It was six months, and a player can shine in that period and prove that he can stay.”

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