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Former Natus Vincere CS:GO Player Seized Explains If It Was A Mistake To Kick Zeus Or Not



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26-year-old Russian CS:GO player Denis Valeryevich Kostin, known as “Seized,” had played for teams like Natus Vincere, Gambit Esports, Vega Squadron, and more. Right now, he is playing for Cyber Legacy.

Seized spoke in a recent interview with and remembered the times when they decided to kick Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko from the roster in 2016.

Back in the days, the coaches were allowed to speak with the roster during the matches and in-game leaders didn’t have much impact on the game. Just before Valve changed this feature, NaVi dediced to kick their captain, Zeus.

In the conversation, Seized stated that Zeus didn’t care about the team and the game and focusing on his side projects at the time. Because of that, Zeus’ individual skill level dropped, and played poorly.

Furthermore, Seized mentioned that the team decided to kick Zeus because of these problems, but they could have decided in another way if they knew about the coach feature changes will happen after a short period they parted ways with Zeus.

Interviewer asked:

“Was Zeus’ replacement discussed behind his back, or was he aware that the team was discontent?”

Seized replied:

“Initially, he didn’t know. It was all on the level of a group chat between players, but in time, we told him about it, and he knew about the issues we had. However, he didn’t know that we wanted to replace him.”

Interviewer asked:

“Was kicking Zeus a mistake?”

Seized said:

“It was a result of the circumstances that we found ourselves in. Had we known that Valve would introduce the coaching rule just a week later, then we wouldn’t have removed him.”

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